Fun from morning to night!

At least, that’s one of the things we aim for, so we pack a lot into each day.

We want to have loads of fun, stay healthy and look into what the Bible teaches about Jesus and how we can know him. That’s why we have so many different activities, why we make sure we all get about 9 hours of sleep every night, and why we spend a lot of time as a big group or in our dorms chatting about Jesus and the Bible with our leaders.
Here’s a typical day at Danehill:dhkids1

7.50 Up, in the shower and into clothes

8.00 Quiet in the dorms

8.15 Jim’s delicious breakfast

8.35 Dorm competition

9.30 Dorm Bible studies

10.15 Bank and tuck-shop open

11.15 Activities and workshops

12.15 Slow down and chill out

12.45 Jim’s scrumptious lunch

13.45 Afternoon activities & games

16.00 Swimtime! (optional)

17.00 Slow down and chill out

17.30 Jim’s tasty evening mealdhballoons

18.15 Free time

19.00 Showtime! (games)

20.00 Evening meeting

20.45 Drinks and bookstall

21.00 Time together as a dorm

21.30 Off to bed

22.00 Lights out, time to sleep